Welcome to Green Guardian Ma.

I am Alan T. Cook, founder of Green Guardian MA. 

I started Green Guardian because like you, I enjoy living in my home. I enjoy the space. I enjoy the view and also like you, I enjoy the feeling of permanence.

Trees are a large part of this experience. They add to the view and to the dynamics of our lives. Trees provide shade, beauty and shelter for songbirds and other desirable creatures. Trees also provide a mature, stately and continuing reassurance of life itself. We need to preserve and protect them.

Sadly our trees have many enemies; one of them is the Gypsy Moth Caterpillar!

This tree pest is a tree leaf eating machine. Starting as a barely perceptible wisp of a critter the size of an eyelash, they can grow up to 3”. At this size they can, along with their friends, defoliate a large shade tree in days.

They're also a lot more difficult to control when they are this size.

The time to act is now.

Call me today I will tell you how.

Thank you,
Alan T Cook